Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Master your subtle body video.

Video recording of the classes "Mastery of the Subtle Body" by Karta Singh has been made available for download. Please find links in the comments.


Janne said...

Sat nam.

I missed the Yoga festival this year and was happily surprised to see this download. Unfortuantely this is no longer active. Could someone who got this share it with me? Get in touch and we'll find out the best option (skype, yousendit etc).

Gobinde Singh

barmalini said...

You can also download it from
here. But registration to the site is in russian :)

Tell me, if you need any further assistance.

barmalini said...

Google translate can cope with this page pretty well, but registration is open only in the morning hours.

Janne said...

Oh thanks,

intuitive registration went well and but the 4th day was missing for some reason. It is there in some kind of 'small' format though. If anyone have the full version of of day 4 would be great to have it posted for completion.



barmalini said...

Thank's for the feedback :)
I have updated torrent file, now you should be able to download the day4 as well.

Janne said...

Thanks - all works! Great thing to record the workshops since they're all at the same time at the festival.

adi said...

hey satnam!
is it still possible to download the videos of karta singh? the link doesn't work...
i'm doing the teacher training with him.
i hope you live with prosperity & happiness!!!
thank you!!!

barmalini said...

You can download these videos from here
Karta singh classes - 2009.
Wahe Guru!