Monday, August 04, 2008

Yoga Festival, Fondjouan - 2008

Kundalini Yoga and White Tantra festival was held this year on 22-28 June in a beautiful "Domaine de Fondjouan" in France and the theme was "Energy and Vitality"
Yogi Bhajan, the Master of both, tantra and yoga, taught that a human being consist of ten "bodies". Beyond our familiar physical body, there are other, more etheric bodies that deal with our feelings, mind, karma, projection and protection. These bodies go throuh many processes and transformations, and each one offers us a potential for growth. For ten years, each Yoga Festival focuses on one of the different bodies. This year we worked on the eighth subtle body, the pranic body. Yogi Bhajan says about this: "You are a bunch of molecules living by the pranic body. You are nothing more, nothing less. Human existence is a combination of the pranic body and the energy of the psyche in proportion. This concept is very difficult. I don't want to be "I" I don't want to be "we" I want to be "just as it is".
The love of existence, of our lives, and of our breathing will be in need of the flow of the psyche in us; therefore, we can be a real combination of self within the self. And the sensory system that will develop automatically out of us will be our archangel protecting us and glorifying us.
Those who hustle and hassle and move and want will suffer. They will not get what they want. Now the time has come that we will have a meditative mind to wait and see what come to us" (Yogi Bhajan)

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