Monday, August 11, 2008

Gobinde Singh

I have a big news to share with those who care. In my pursue to master Kundalini Yoga I have undertaken many activities and now have been fully rewarded!
On my birthday I have received the most beautiful gift of my lifetime, I have been given a spiritual name. This is the email that I had received from the Kundalini Yoga Organisation officials:

You have been blessed to live as Gobinde Singh, which means the Lion of God who belongs to the Lord of the universe, who helps everyone, and who walks with grace and courage throughout his life.

Gobinde means the Lord of the Universe, one who serves all. Singh means the Lion of God who walks with grace and courage throughout his life. Singh is a name that Yogi Bhajan gave to all men. He taught that every man has the potential to attain a true state of grace and courage, to be a great lion-warrior for God, and he encouraged each man to manifest that potential.

Using the name Gobinde Singh will expand your consciousness so that you experience yourself as a true servant of all, and so that you support the higher consciousness of yourself and everyone you serve.

The power of a Spiritual Name is that the more people speak your name, the more it permeates into your being…and the more you will experience its power to manifest in your life. The power of that 'Naadh' can have an effect on you at the cellular level. The vibration of the word actually vibrates your cells, and restructures them to come into harmony with your spiritual names meaning, which reflects your destiny.

You are the pure love of God. Create a connection with it and share it wherever you go.

May Guru Ram Das bless you and guide you, now and forever. In the Name of the Cosmos which prevails through everyBODY, and the Holy Nam which holds the world.

Many blessings,

M.S.S. Nirinjan Kaur Khalsa
Chief of Staff


ILLA said...

Гобиндэ означает - ОПОРА! Очень сильное имя. Надеюсь, столь сильная вибрация напомнит о высших качествах, пробудит Достоинство и придаст Благородства.
А я помолюсь за тебя без ожиданий. Это мне тоже поможет на пути к Свободному Счастью Благородной Принцессы.
Сат Нам Вахэ Гуру.

Mikhail89 said...

Поздравляю :)

Anonymous said...

мои поздравления! ;)
даже страшно представить, каких высот ты достиг, что тебе было даровано имя!