Sunday, October 28, 2007

Seven steps to happiness

This time I met Karta in Karlsruhe - it's about 5 hour drive from Eindhoven. Not a big deal if you're about to meet the master.
The subject of the workshop was - "7 Steps to happiness".
According to Karta and Yogi Bhajan:
"Commitment leads to Character
Character leads to Dignity
Dignity leads to Divinity
Divinity leads to Grace
Grace leads to Power of Sacrifice
Power to Sacrifice leads to Happiness".
Happiness comes only when your tolerance becomes so wide that... like an ocean... your kindness and compassion becomes so practical that it cannot shake itself, and with all that you live in gratitude of the totality of God.

Some people have made religion as a joke. "Holier than thou." They play a worst part of the best of the situation. Without kindness, life is empty. Without compassion life has no direction. Once somebody asked me, "What is the direction in life?" I said, "Be compassionate." (Person yells): "Easier to say than do!" I said, "It is easy to yell and scream. On one hand you are asking. On other hand I am telling. Why we are fighting?" (Person again yells): "I cannot be compassionate. I get angry!" I said, "Don't." Person said, "But I DO!" I said, "You have three rights to get angry. 1. On yourself; 2. you get angry with one you love; 3. you get angry when you have to mature your own immaturity. These are three rules for which a person can use anger." Person said, "So I love you." I said, "Okay." Person said, "I am angry at you." I said, "That's fine. That's reasonable." Person said, "But I cannot be compassionate." I said, "At least start. Be kind." "How I can be
kind?" I said, "You say, 'Please tell me. My mind is going to go spin. And I cannot control myself. I am out of control. Is there any way?'" She said, "All right." I said, "It is very simple. The day that you give one tenth of your time, 24 hours, 2-1/2 hours, you give to your mind, you fight with it, it takes 2-1/2 hours of direct combat with the mind to calm it down for the rest of the time, then prosperity is granted, doesn't matter which state of mind you are."

We had covered steps 1 and 2 and this is supposed to be enough for the current incarnation :-)
The exercises were simple but tough, sitting with your arms risen up above your head for 31 minutes is not so easy, but the feeling of being blessed that you get in the end is worth the effort.
I'm looking forward to meet Karta in the future and meanwhile will be practicing as usual.

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