Sunday, October 14, 2007

Fasting again

It's about time for the regular maintenance.
I'll be fasting for the coming 10-14 days starting immediately.
Food is good but the health is more important. Fasting can recharge and energize your body, help to detox and cleansing your systems, improve the condition of the skin and the internal organs. It is known to cure allergies, digestive diseases, may prevent and even cure many types of cancer and diabetes.
I'm not suffering from any of those but I also wish to remain in sound health condition always, so little house-cleaning and tuning-up will not be waste in vain.
Moreover, fasting is good for stretching and stretching is good for yoga, so wish me luck or join me if you feel the urge. Tonight I will do the Shank-Prakshalana before going to bed. You can do the same :-)

1 comment:

barmalini said...

Для особо пытливых умов сообщу, что видеозапись, как правильно выполнять пракшалану Вы можете найти здесь.
В английском варианте ссылку не дам, пусть сами ищут, или жрут пурген - жертвы рекламы :-)