Saturday, September 22, 2007

Global Mala

The Global Mala Project
The largest unified worldwide yoga event,
dedicated to positive change, in the history of the planet.
On The International Day of Peace - September 21, 2007

On September 21st - 23rd, more then 35 countries, hundreds of yoga studios and thousands of yoga practitioners worldwide will gather as a part of the Global Mala Project!

In less then one month, the global collective, from Hong Kong to Tel Aviv, London to Cape Town, Sydney to the hub event in Los Angeles will form a "Mala around the earth". Join this worldwide community with fund raising celebrations to raise awareness and funds for some of the most essential issues of our times. Breathe the change you want to envision in the world!

I'll be doing my 108 Surya Namaskara's tomorrow morning,
watch me online or join me if you care for what I care!

And this is the recording of my achievements :-)
I haven't succeded performing 108 Surya Namaskaras, sorry :-)
As a matter of fact, i don't know the exact number, there was no one around to do the counting, but my estimation is that I had completed somwhere between 80 and 90 of them, since I spent 90 minutes excluding the short break that I had after 20 minutes.
Nevertheless I'm satisfied with the degree of support that I have shown for the Global Mala project. Thanks for watching me and more for joining me :-)

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barmalini said...

Две, очень хороших книжки по Сурье Намасакар Вы можете скачать отсюда.
Одна из них в формате djvu, другая - обычный html, все аккуратно упаковано в один архив.