Sunday, February 18, 2007

Today I start two-weeks fasting. Again :-)

This is where I start.
Today is the first day of my new 14 days fasting.

This is how you gain weight kilo after kilo without ever noticing it.
One day your friends come over, another day you just eat a little bit more then necessary.
Yet another day you go to a two-star Michelin restaurant with your bosses credit card. Honestly I have never regretted the last one but for the rest something must be done.

My desired weight is 70 - 72 kilograms (as for a guy of 184 cm tall)
But more then that I want to cleanse all systems and organs and improve stretchability and flexibility of the temple of my spirit :-)
Therefor I will fast for 14 days or longer keeping you updated with my progress :-)

And here you can listen to a tune that is supposed to get your spirit up-high should you feel powerless from starvation :D

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Nattio said...

Здорово! Бармалейкин, я присоединяюсь к тебе! Правда, весов у меня нет, но ничего, буду прислушиваться к внутренним очучениям... На старт, внимание,марш! :-)))))