Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Tantric Exercises

As promised some time ago, here goes a couple of exercises
Tantric practice includes breathing, movement, sound, visualization and meditation.

Tantric Breathing

Take a full breath -- breathe from your belly and concentrate on filling your lungs completely with air. Put your hands over your belly and feel it expand when you inhale and return to normal when you exhale. Take a breath again and, while feeling your lungs and belly fill with air, imagine breathing into your pelvis. Exhale and feel the air leave your pelvis as it leaves your belly and lungs. Take a breath again and breathe into your knees, then into your feet, then into the floor.

Ground Yourself

Stand with feet comfortably apart, knees slightly bent. Feel the weight of your soles firmly against the floor. Carefully bend your knees to bounce up and down while taking deep breaths. Feel your breath going into the soles of your feet, and feel rooted to the floor.

Hand-Heart Connection

Place one hand comfortably over your heart, and imagine as you breathe that all your energy is going into that center of your body. Continue to breathe, relax, and focus on this energy.

Hand-Heart Connection With Partner

Stand facing a partner, spouse or friend, and place your right hand over her or his heart center. You can also hold left hands, if that's comfortable. Gaze into each other's eyes -- try to imagine looking through the eyes, so you see beyond just the color of a person's eyes. Breathe, gaze and focus on the energy between you and your partner. Imagine that the energy from your heart flows into your partner's right hand, and that energy cycles around to flow through your partner's heart into your hand.

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