Wednesday, August 09, 2006

As of yesterday, i'm 36 :-) Updated.

8 of August I had my birthday.
The celebation took two days.
Day one, in Dusseldorf (Germany), as a matter of fact it was in the nigt.

That night we had wine of Provence, Champagne, Kir Royal and amongst others:

Sushi from Albert Hein, those were so-so, not even close to what i could make myself.

Escargot, again from AH, just a little bit better than sushi.

Shrimps. Backed shrimps in garlic sauce I made myself, they were delicious.

Cheese plate :-)
Cheese plate is never bad idea.

As i was born on 00:05, we opened Champagne.
We had started celebrating at around 10pm with wine and sea-food waiting for the exact time, and by midnight we got so tired and excited that there was nobody willing to take photos anymore :-)
You will have to imagine Kir Royal and fruit cake yourself :-)

In the morning we had mascarpone with raspberries and blueberries and coffee :-)

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