Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Special announcement!!!

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Herewith I declare the timeless hunger strike.
Recently I don't feel myself fully happy and not without the reason.
I virtually have no means to influence the situation, therefore I take this action.

There is a number of complicating factors. As you know from my previous posts, today it has been the third day of my prolonged Amavasya fasting, and I feel pretty exhausted by now.

At this moment i weight 76,2 kilo, meanwhile my normal weight is somewhere around 79-80, so as you can see I didn't do my Amavasya for nothing.
Nevertheless I must pursue this challenge same way as any other Man would have done for the future well being of his wife, his children and himself.

I don't know how much time my strike will have continue but I swear, I don't give up untill I'm happy again.
For this period I will consume neither liquid nor solid food in any form.
I will drink only tap water and

green tea

with sea salt.

I will also update my progress on a regular basis, so help me God.


Anonymous said...

Taras, this is madness!!! pls. stop it and start eating again!!! It's an order, not a request.

barmalini said...
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barmalini said...

Dear S.I realize very well that our eating habbits differ a lot, but I would never give my cup of salty green tee for your fried chicken :-)
Anyways, thanks for supporting me :-)

Anonymous said...

Oh, congratulations, you reach good results :)))after 3-4 days you will feel better and better! good luck! And what about your mood? Lyuda

peppie said...

Согласна с предыдущим "оратором" !!! ты сходишь с ума !!!