Monday, July 31, 2006

Quest for the best. Day 2+3+3

"Thirsty five" - is a great system, but be aware, it's also incredibly demanding. Yesterday I had to take shower about five times to ease it a little bit.
At 3 am I was practicing meditation and opening of the heart chakra and after that I simply had to drink a glass of water. Now I'm not even sure whether I can sustain the "Thirsty five"all five days, or will have to switch back to my beloved green tea. We will see, in any case I'll do my best.


peppie said...

Народ уже соскучился по вашим съедобным натюрмотрам !!!
Даешь еду....вкусную и красивую !!! :)

barmalini said...

Мне в одну глотку не лезет :-)
А внизу странички есть еда, если уж так очень хочется.