Monday, July 31, 2006

Quest for the best. Correction of the plan.

Ladies and Gentlemen,
I must confess that I can't continue my "Thisty five" any longer.
It's has become too painful. In the weather like this ones body gets dehydrated very fast.
Besides hot temperatures, I also practice a lot. Which means I'm loosing water with sweat.
I feel dizzy, I have a headache, my hands are shaking... Not the nicest thing to experience, so I decided to stop. I shall give it another try when it's colder.

For now I switch back to regular fasting.
I'll be drinking water and green tea with sea salt, as usually.
And most important, I'll be able to pursue my Quest for the best!!!
Sending all of you light from the bottom of my heart.
Now you just go and kiss your spouse, and tell you love them, you go crazy about them, and you would do anything to make both of you happy :-)

With best regards,
Barmalini :-)


petra said...

congratulations!!! finally positive comment :))) coudn't imaging how positive will be they when you start to eat :))))))) sorry that is a joke! To tell the truth I appreciate your diet and can tell that is very usefful for everybody!

peppie said...

Ура !!!!
С возвращением к нормальной жизни !!!
таким ты нам нравишься намного больше !!! :*****

Saskia said...


I'm glad you gave up the not-drinking nonsence. I was a little worried that I would end up with a dead colleage.
I fact I was so worried that I checked your web site.
I think the not-eating part is also a little bit strange, but somehow I admire that part.