Monday, July 31, 2006

I'm back into the game!!!!

People, water does miracles :-)

This evening I've been to power-yoga class, to swimming pool and to sauna.
In yoga class I had to place my mat in the far corner as not to distract other students.
I was doing primary sequence, as taught by David Swenson and the rest were following the teacher, repeating some over-simplified compilation of a few asanas. I was the only person who new what is the ujai breathing, and what marichyasana is supposed to look like :-)
Nevertheless, I managed to enjoy the class without confusing the teacher.

In the pool I swam about 400 meters in very relaxed style, meditative - one could say.
And then I went to the steam room. I took a 15 minutes nap there and was ready to go home.

Having said that, there's only one thing left to add. I have ate nothing for 8 days. I'm not kidding.
So please, next time you hear somebody in the office moaning how hungry they are before lunch, just laugh at their face and send them to my blog :-)

And now go, kiss your spauce again :-)

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