Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Daily report

Today it has been the last day I spent with my mom, tomorrow morning i fly back to Holland. For the farawell dinner we had pizza, aubergines, gourgette and peppers - all grilled, shrimps, fish and wine. Now you may oficcially cry, you will never ever get better food, at best you can get the same. But for that I'd need to bring you to Italy one day :-)


Fish (used to be) called Allici.

Shrimps. (don't get fooled by looks, my camera is crap, those were delicious)

Grilled peppers.
aubergines and gourgettes you will have to imagine yourself, pictures are not usable :-)

1 comment:

peppie said...

ничо себе !!!!!!!!!!!
кто-то очень любит хорошо покушать !!!
я даже догадываюсь........ХТО !!!! :)