Monday, July 31, 2006

I'm back into the game!!!!

People, water does miracles :-)

This evening I've been to power-yoga class, to swimming pool and to sauna.
In yoga class I had to place my mat in the far corner as not to distract other students.
I was doing primary sequence, as taught by David Swenson and the rest were following the teacher, repeating some over-simplified compilation of a few asanas. I was the only person who new what is the ujai breathing, and what marichyasana is supposed to look like :-)
Nevertheless, I managed to enjoy the class without confusing the teacher.

In the pool I swam about 400 meters in very relaxed style, meditative - one could say.
And then I went to the steam room. I took a 15 minutes nap there and was ready to go home.

Having said that, there's only one thing left to add. I have ate nothing for 8 days. I'm not kidding.
So please, next time you hear somebody in the office moaning how hungry they are before lunch, just laugh at their face and send them to my blog :-)

And now go, kiss your spauce again :-)

Quest for the best. Correction of the plan.

Ladies and Gentlemen,
I must confess that I can't continue my "Thisty five" any longer.
It's has become too painful. In the weather like this ones body gets dehydrated very fast.
Besides hot temperatures, I also practice a lot. Which means I'm loosing water with sweat.
I feel dizzy, I have a headache, my hands are shaking... Not the nicest thing to experience, so I decided to stop. I shall give it another try when it's colder.

For now I switch back to regular fasting.
I'll be drinking water and green tea with sea salt, as usually.
And most important, I'll be able to pursue my Quest for the best!!!
Sending all of you light from the bottom of my heart.
Now you just go and kiss your spouse, and tell you love them, you go crazy about them, and you would do anything to make both of you happy :-)

With best regards,
Barmalini :-)

Quest for the best. Day 2+3+3

"Thirsty five" - is a great system, but be aware, it's also incredibly demanding. Yesterday I had to take shower about five times to ease it a little bit.
At 3 am I was practicing meditation and opening of the heart chakra and after that I simply had to drink a glass of water. Now I'm not even sure whether I can sustain the "Thirsty five"all five days, or will have to switch back to my beloved green tea. We will see, in any case I'll do my best.

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Quest for the best. Day 1+3+3

I've just scared my pants off!!!
You know guys, this is starting to be exciting.
"Thirsty five" in action!!!
Still four and a half days to go, but even now I weight less then if my skin was stuffed with feathers :-)
Actually, getting slim and good looking is not my major concern, it's rather a side effect than the goal.
My goal is to change my mental patterns.
You know, strong spirit in strong body and so on...
The point is, that I really want to change myself to become a better person, just because I want that :-) And yoga has already proven many times, it can do miracles. I've been practicing many hours though the weekend, and you see the result.

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Another great idea :-)

At this moment it seems that I'm not fully satisfied with my fasting progress.
I feel like my body needs something bigger, sort of "hardcore fasting".
So here it goes. This system is called "Thirsty Five", which means that one should not touch neither food nor drinks during five full days, 120 hours to be precise.
No drinks means no drinks, even no water. The person attempting to practise "Thirsty Five" must be in extremly sound physical and mental condition.

Having to conserve water your body will try to take liquid from all available sources, meaning all unnecessary cells, fat cells, tumor cells. It will also get rid of all intoxications and kill all the germs. Who knows, maybe I'll get rid of my grey hair this way :-)

There are even documented cases of STD's being cured this way.
So in any respect "Thirsty Five" is a good thing, provided that your condition is OK :-)
This system helps rejuvenating, cleansing and restoring your body.

Today I feel more energised than ever. So as of tomorrow I'll begin my "Thirsty Five"!
Wish me luck :-)
Always yours, barmalini.

P.S: In modern society it's not advisable not to TOUCH water for five days at all. I'll be taking showers as usual, but will try to do it as fast as possible :-)

This system is too important to keep it only in english.

Для тех, кто в танке!

"Пятисуточное голодание. Это называется “пять сухих”. Женщина, чтобы хирург не делал аборт, может сделать “пять сухих”. Пять дней можно смело не пить. Организм обезвоживается, но с человеком ничего страшного не происходит. Воспалительные процессы уходят. Уходят даже венерические заболевания. Суставы как будто смазываются изнутри и перестают хрустеть, но к воде нельзя прикасаться вообще, иначе священное очищение будет недействительным. Все ненужное, отрицательное гибнет в человеке и отторгается. На пятые сутки ничего постороннего и паразитирующего в организме практически не остается; организм жадно сохраняет жидкость, но только для СЕБЯ. Эта система для сильных людей, она приносит омоложение и восстановление".

Это отрывок из книги Сергея Соболева "Прививка от хамства".
Ищите да обрящете, стучитесь - да откроется вам.

This is 100's post!!! Day 3 (+3)

Today it has been the 6th day of my quest for the best.
The results you can see yourself.
I'm still live and kicking!!
I feel better then ever, though sincerely I remember better days.
Thank's for staying with me.
Should you have any questions related to health or anything else, never hesitate to ask.
Ciao, barmalini :-)

Friday, July 28, 2006

My struggle - Day 2 (+3)

Look, this is my morning weight, I've been dreaming to get below 75 fo years, and now I'm not even excited about that!!!
I've had no meal for 5 days, nevertheless I'm full of energy and happy :-)
I've just finished my hour-and-a-half yoga sequence and I don't even feel tired.

Further note for russian speakers, as many people ask the same question, but not all of them can read english well.

Дорогие мои, в танке!
Многие из вас задают один и тот же вопрос в недоумении, нафига?
Так вот, это все нужно для увеличения уровня личной энергии.
Голодовка очищает тело от мусора и слизи.
Зеленый чай с морской солью, самый сильный из известных мне продуктов содержащих чистую энергию янь, никаких иньей, только янь. Лишь солнечные лучи сильнее в этом смысле.
Очистив тело, дав ему отдых от еды и напитав янем появляется хорошая возможность работать с более тонкими энергиями, отвечающими за дальнейшее развитие судьбы человека. Именно это мне и нужно. Делать я лично ничего не собираюсь, все произойдет само собой, а вот силенок накопить для дальнейших шагов никогда не помешает.

Short translation for the rest of the world:
If you are depressive, overweight or unhealthy-looking, you must take more responsibility of your life.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

My struggle, Day 1 (+3)

As you can see, I'm determined to go to the end.
But the pace in which I lose weight predicts 37 days of struggle after which I'll become weightless.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Special announcement!!!

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Herewith I declare the timeless hunger strike.
Recently I don't feel myself fully happy and not without the reason.
I virtually have no means to influence the situation, therefore I take this action.

There is a number of complicating factors. As you know from my previous posts, today it has been the third day of my prolonged Amavasya fasting, and I feel pretty exhausted by now.

At this moment i weight 76,2 kilo, meanwhile my normal weight is somewhere around 79-80, so as you can see I didn't do my Amavasya for nothing.
Nevertheless I must pursue this challenge same way as any other Man would have done for the future well being of his wife, his children and himself.

I don't know how much time my strike will have continue but I swear, I don't give up untill I'm happy again.
For this period I will consume neither liquid nor solid food in any form.
I will drink only tap water and

green tea

with sea salt.

I will also update my progress on a regular basis, so help me God.

Amavasya - day three

Yesterday in the evening I ate some raisins and green tea, and felt that my fasting has not finished yet. So I will continue today. Thanks for suppporting me :-)

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Amavasya continued

It seems that my body needs more fasting than just one day.
I will continue today restraining from food, will drink only water.
Have no idea how long will it take, but anyways I'll keep you posted.

Monday, July 24, 2006

Amavasya, 24 July 2006

This is the reminder for all interested.
Today is the next fasting day, Amavasya - New Moon.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Ekadashi, 20 July 2006

Finaly, 11th day after the full moon. Ekadashi.
If you deside to fast, today is the best day to start and you may continue to Amavasya on 24 of July :-)

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Yoga training on July 31

As we all remember this blog is about food AND yoga.
At this moment you can see that food is dominating by numbers. The reason is, that my coocking is much better than yoga skills at the moment.
To improve the things I will follow the:


met Florian Palzinsky (Oostenrijk)
28 juli–1 augustus (3 - 5 dagen)

I was lilttle late to register, so will join them only for one day, the last day of July it will be.
I'm eager to meet Florian, especially that in September I will spend 7 days in Austria at another workshop by him.

In july it's gonna be one full day training from 9:00 till 17:00 with optional video-study on meditation later in the evening.
With following timeschedule:

09.00 introductie, meditatie en pranayama

10.30 asana’s

12.00 lunch

13.30 thee / gesprekken /
14.15 meditatie en pranayama
15.30 - 17.00 asana’s
17.00 voor geïnteresseerde bekijken van video’s over yoga of meditatie.

The workshop will be hosted by Yogapraktijk De Eik
And is located in the beautiful town of Ouddorp, 2km from the North Sea coast.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Daily report

- 11:30 Raspberries with mascarpone.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Daily report

Today it has been the last day I spent with my mom, tomorrow morning i fly back to Holland. For the farawell dinner we had pizza, aubergines, gourgette and peppers - all grilled, shrimps, fish and wine. Now you may oficcially cry, you will never ever get better food, at best you can get the same. But for that I'd need to bring you to Italy one day :-)


Fish (used to be) called Allici.

Shrimps. (don't get fooled by looks, my camera is crap, those were delicious)

Grilled peppers.
aubergines and gourgettes you will have to imagine yourself, pictures are not usable :-)

Monday, July 10, 2006

Italia the Champion!!!

Here I'm wearing the Italian football-team supporters cap.
Today the whole world has seen the reason why.
For those who still don't know I'll repeat the story again:
Couple of days ago Ukraine played against Italy in WC-2006.
Having recognized high winning potential of italians we let them to the semi-finals by scoring 0:3, which eventually was enough for Squadra Azzurra.
And today you all witnessed that we made a smart move.
Italy has become THE champion.
We - Ukrainians are happy and proud.
Well done Italy!!!!
Thanks for not letting us down.
We celebrate our joint victory with teams of Australia, Germany and France.

We all won that Cup from FIFA!!!

Purima 10 Jul. 2006

Happy Purima to all of you!!!
Of course, including me :-)

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Daily report

This is what you eat when you have good karma :-)

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Daily report

Today we had dinner at Da Michele.
Usually we go to Trianon, but today they were closed.
I've had Margherita normale.
If you know what da Michele is - you should be jealous, if not - you should not :-)

This is my Margherita of the day.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Ekadashi, Jul 6

Today is Ekadashi again.
Thanks for supporting me.
Kissing you, barmalini :-)

P.S: Look what a delicious strawberry I've had today.

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Daily report

- 10:30 Few bananas and couple of apricots.
- 12:30 Banana milkshake.
- 16:00 Glass of biological alcohol-free champagne.

- 19:00 Tom Yam Kung soup.

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Daily report

- 21:00 Risotto with mushrooms