Monday, June 26, 2006

Sun Salutations

In the beginning I stated that this blog was related to two major topics. Yoga and healthy cooking.
Many of you have noticed that lately there was not that much said about yoga as most of posts were about food. Lot's of photos, many daily reports and so on.
Thanks for pointing my attention :-)

So here is it.
Last Thursday I gave my first yoga class
to the group of three people :-)

This was fun. I gave them Sun Salutation A and B sequences in full, with options for less stretchy people and with more advanced options for those who wanted it.

Everybody seemed to like it :-)
That day it was cloudy and quite windy during the day but for the time of our practice there was the Sun shining in the sky!!!
They started making jokes about this, but I was really happy.

In one of the coming posts I shall describe Sun Salutations in detal, so my students can read the theory and prepare themselves better.

Thanks for reading,
I'll keep posting for you :-)

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