Sunday, June 04, 2006

Daily report

- 11:00 Two croissants with soya pate and coffee.
Don't take me wrong. I do not fancy the idea that vegetarian food should ressemble the look of non-veg food.
I ridicule the concept of making soya balls alike meat balls, as to making people eating them suffer less :-)
But today I have an excuse, today I'm gonna prepare Madrid-style oven backed champignons with escargot-flavoured topping for dinner. And for that reason i had to buy some soya-meat. And of course, since I already had been to the veg-store I also bought this pate :-)

- 14:00 Brunch. Never forget, my mom lives in Italy and I love Italian cuisine, so today I prepared the classics. Mozzarella with tomatoes and basil. This was delicious not only by itself but also nicely accompanied by a glass of Sicilian wine.

- 17:40 Maskarpone - raspberry dessert with mint and lime juice.

- 21:30 Mushrooms ala Madrid.

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