Monday, May 22, 2006

Daily report

Today it was supposed to be Ekadashi. As a matter of fact it WAS Ekadashi, but I overlooked it in the calendar.
Too bad :-)
I'll do it tomorrow though next fasting day - Amavasya is on Friday, May 26.
Feel free to join me in this :-)

- 12:00 American mais soup. Glass of milk.
- 18:30 Boiled asparagus and carrots with Hollandaise sauce.

Lots of coffe through the day.
By the way, usually I do 30 push-ups whenever I take a cup of coffe, sometimes 50.
So in my case It's a good habbit not a bad one, just go figure how many push-ups i make if I drink 6 cups of coffe a day?

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