Friday, March 10, 2006

Problems with raw-food diet so far.

After one month of sticking to this diet I've encountered some difficulties of the psychological matter.
1. Eating row is unsocial.
Every time I go out with my friends I have a hard time. It's not fun eating a cucumber the whole night in a posh restaurant :-)
2. Cooking.
Eating row is not fun to cook.
I love cooking and can do it very well.
It's hard to miss Saturday’s kitchen on BBC. It's even less reasonable just watch it without trying out a new thing :-)
3. Leak of discipline.
It speaks on its own. It's too easy to find an excuse.
I hope that posting to this blog will help me stay on track.

On a bright side:
1. Raw is delicious.
After one week of raw food everything else tastes blunt.
2. It spares a lot of time for the preparation of the food and on cleaning after dinner.
3. Nutrition pattern changes very quickly, it takes no time to get used to it.
It gives you more energy. You need less sleep and generally feel much better.
Yoga comes easier.

Now I need to think hard how to combine my passion to cooking with the rest :-)

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