Friday, February 03, 2006

Welcome to my blog!

[This is my first post to this blog. The main topic will be health,

focusing on yoga and natural food diet. Main languages of this blog are Ukrainian(preferable), English, Russian. In the future I will try to post in Dutch as well, but for now my Dutch leaves much to be desired.

I will not translate posts from one language to another. So to read everything, you will have to be familiar with all of them.

A good friend of mine will be helping me in creating this blog.

In short my plan is, that starting today, 03 February, 2006 I will start eating only natural raw-food. No meat, no fish, though I like fish and can cook very well. Well, no pain no gain. And, what's most important, all food must be raw. Which does not leave that much of cleaning pans and dishes.

Will continue posting soon. Thanks for reading :-)]

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