Monday, February 06, 2006

Free cards. Come and get yours!!!

It has been a couple of days since I made my blog publicly available.
I have not received any comments so far, so decided to found an award
to the first person per country to leave the comment.

I will send a post card with traditional Dutch landscape, or with tulips or with cheeses to the first person who expresses such a wish, and provides me their postal address.

The only requirement is that you don't know me personally and are not acquainted with any of my acquaintances.
If you found my blog because you have been interested in vegetarianism and yoga you qualify. That's one and only rule. So go ahead, tell me who you are, what do you think about my blog, and I'll send you a beautiful post card :-)

To make the whole contest even more exciting, I promise I will send one card per country. So if you happen to have residences around the world you can get more cards.

Good luck, looking forward to hear from you!!!

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